Sunday, March 8, 2020

Character of the Day: EKALAVYA

EKALAVYA was a Nishada man of the forest who wanted to study with Drona. Drona rejected him, so Ekalavya trained, honoring a statue of Drona as his guru. When he came to pay the guru-dakshina, Drona saw Ekalavya's great skill as a threat to Arjuna, so he demanded Ekalavya's thumb as payment.

Wikipedia: Ekalavya

Mahabharata: You can read Ekalavya's story in the Sambhava Parva of the Adi Parva of the Mahabharata. On Insecure Arjuna

Bizzell: Offering: The Story Of Ekalavya And Dronacharya


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Character of the Day: URVASHI

URVASHI is one of the most famous of the apsaras, the celestial dancers in Indra's heaven. She became the wife of Pururavas, and famously cursed Arjuna when he rebuffed her.

Wikipedia: Urvashi

Ramayana: Urvashi is connected to the Ramayana by being the mother of Rishyasringa.

Mahabharata: It was Urvashi's curse that led Arjuna to spend a year in disguise as the eunuch Brihannala.

Freebookapalooza: You can find a retelling of Kalidas's play Pururavas and Urvashi in Tales From The Indian Drama by Charles A. Kincaid. Female As Alpha

Bizzell: Urvashi: The Apsara Who Fell In Love With A King


Character of the Day: ULUPI

ULUPI is a naga princess who became the wife of the Mahabharata hero Arjuna. Together they had a son, Iravan.

Wikipedia: Ulupi

Mahabharata: Ulupi is Arjuna's wife, rescuing him from the curse of the Vasus; more about that. Queer Sexuality and Indian Culture (the article talks about Ulupi and Arjuna's son)

Bizzell: Uloopi: The Naga Princess who Fell in Love with Arjuna