Monday, January 8, 2018

Music Video: Maati Baani. Rang Rangiya.

This is one of my favorite Maati Baani videos, and you can see the English lyrics at the YouTube page: Rang Rangiya. Turn on the "CC" (closed captions) while watching the video to see the subtitles.

Here is what Nirali and Kartik have to say about this lovely song at Storyacious, and you can also read an article about the making of the song here: Pakistani, Indian artists jointly release song on Independence Day.

On the 15th of August, the sixty-eighth Independence Day for both Pakistan and India, we released a one-of-a-kind song called ‘Rang Rangiya’ to celebrate the true spirit of freedom. Real freedom is when the mind is free from thoughts of hatred, greed and vengeance. The song speaks of how our generation can change the world through the language and colors of love for our fellow human beings, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and country. In response to all the violence that is unfolding across the world, we humbly present this offering of a joy-filled collaboration between several Indian and Pakistani musicians. And, just as we all have used our music to transcend the boundaries and barriers that exist between our respective countries, we hope that the song will inspire other people from both countries to reach out to each other similarly. We can all work towards building these kinds of new bridges as we go about our daily lives and work so that divisiveness becomes a thing of the past and the future is filled with colorful possibilities and opportunities.

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