Friday, February 7, 2020

Character of the Day: HANUMAN

HANUMAN, the divine monkey, is Rama's devoted follower and protector. He is considered one of the Chiranjivi (Immortals).

Wikipedia: Hanuman

Wikiquote: Hanuman

Holiday: Hanuman Jayanti

Ramayana: Hanuman is one of the key characters of the Ramayana. Rama meets Hanuman shortly after Sita is abducted, and Hanuman plays a key role in her rescue from Lanka.

Mahabharata: Hanuman meets his half-brother Bhima who, at first, mistakes Hanuman for a normal monkey. (Bhima and Hanuman both have Vayu, the wind god, as their celestial father.) Why Hanuman Chalisa is the most powerful expression of personal Hinduism

Kindle: The Chronicles of Hanuman by Shubha Vilas ($5)

Bizzell: Sundarkaand: Triumph of Hanuman by Shyam Prakash


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