Weeks 6-7 Mahabharata

Now it's time for the Mahabharata, and, just like with the Ramayana, you will start off with a two-week version, and there are three options, just like before. You can read a novelistic version by Narayan (the same Narayan whose version of the Ramayana you may have read back in Weeks 3-4) or a PDE Public Domain edition... or the Tiny Tales versions that I wrote for this class.

OPTION ONE. Tiny Tales from the Mahabharata. You can access all the book formats (digital, print, audio) using that link.

OPTION TWO. Narayan's Mahabharata. This book is available via the OU Bookstore.

OPTION THREE. Public Domain Edition Mahabharata. That link takes you to the PDE version online.

To compare these three different options, see the detailed information on the Ramayana page from earlier this semester. 

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