Thursday, January 24, 2019

Overview: Menon. Singh. Breaking the Bow

Title: Breaking the Bow: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Ramayana
Editors: Anil Menon, Vandana Singh
Year: 2014

Comment. This is a a brilliant anthology of very creative stories inspired in some way by the Ramayana.

Bizzell Stacks. There is also a copy available for checkout from the regular Bizzell stacks: PR 9492.2 .B74 2012 (click to see if it is checked out or not).

Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle copy from Amazon for $6.49 (checked price January 2019); more about Kindles.

Length: four weeks. I've divided the reading into eight parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), Part C - Part D (another week of reading), Part E - Part F (a third week), and Part G - Part H (final week of reading). You do not need to read this in order, and you can use it just for a half-week of reading or one or two or three or four weeks of reading; it's up to you based on what part(s) you are most interested in.

Reading A
Menon - Introduction
Singh - Introduction
Manickavel - Ramayana as an American Reality TV Show
Banerjee - Exile
Reading B
Subramanian - Making
Dawesar - The Good King
Rosenthal - The Mango Grove

Reading C
Srilata - Game of Asylum Seekers
Karthik - Day of the Deer
Khair - Weak Heart
Das - Sita's Descent
Reading D
Velliangiri - Great Disobedience
Saket - Test of Fire
Padmanabhan - The Other Woman

Reading E
Tidhar - This, Other World
Chabria - Fragments from the Book of Beauty
Ambastha - Kalyug Amended
Dutta-Asane - Sita to Vaidehi
Manivannam - Petrichor
Reading F
Mohanraj - The Princess in the Forest
Unnikrishnan - Sarama
Kishore - Regressions

Reading G
Truslow - Machanu Visits the Underworld
Singh - Oblivion
Reading H
Reddy - Vaidehi and Her Earth Mother
Narayan - Falling into the Earth

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