Friday, August 19, 2016

Overview: Buck. Ramayana.

Title: Ramayana
Author: William Buck
Illustrator: Shirley Triest
Year: 1976

Comments: This is a retelling of Valmiki's Ramayana with some additions by Buck; see the Reading Guides for details. \

Bizzell: There is a copy available for checkout from the regular Bizzell stacks: PS 3552 .U335 R3 1981 (click to see if it is checked out or not), and you can also request via Sooner Express: PZ 4 .B9215 Ram.

Length: four weeks. I've divided the reading into eight parts, with detailed reading guides; click each link to find out more: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), Part C - Part D (another week of reading), Part E - Part F (a third week), and Part G - Part H (final week of reading).

You might also find cheap used copies at the OU Bookstore because this was a required book for the class for many years, and I believe they still have used copies that they keep in stock (not sure about that though).

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