Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Music. Maati Baani. Dhaai Aaakhar Naam

This video from Maati Baani features Rida Gatphoh who wrote the Khasi lyrics to the song along with a rap by Lilly Singh, a.k.a. Superwoman. I have copied the lyrics below, and you can learn more about the song at the YouTube page. Plus, you can read some Khasi folktales at the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook!

Khasi Lyrics (written by Rida Gatphoh)

Lyer lyer wan jai jai (Wind, wind, come gently)
Ah to wan jai jai (Oh, come gently)
Ale wan beh shane (come now, blow this way)
Ale wan mynta (come right away)
Hoi hoi hoi Kiw!
Ale Ale wan noh shane (come now, come now this way)
Ale ale wan beh shane (come now, come blow this way)
Ahoi ahoi ahoi ahoi

Hindi Lyrics ( written by Manoj Yadav)
Dhaai aakhar naam hai mera (Two and a half letter word is my name)
Dhaai aakhar naam (Two and a half letter word)

Main har man basiya (I reside in every heart)
Har tan sajiya (I am the jewel on each body)
Har lab sadhiya (I am the greatest of all words)
Main saara jug ruchiya (I am the Creator of this world)
Main hi rang rasiya (I am the colour of life)
Kann Kann rangiya (I have coloured each and every atom)
Boli na bhaasha hoon (I am neither the speech nor the language)
Sabmein taraasha hoon (Still I am engraved in one and all!)
Pa ni pa ma pa ma ga ma ga re ga re sa

Dariya dariya behtaa hoon (Like the Ocean, I am the Infinite)
Kaliyaan Kaliyaan mehka hoon  I am the fragrance in every bud)
Suron mein dhaloon to geet hoon (If I manifest in notes, I become the song)
Logo mein ghoolun to meet hoon (I am the friendship of friends)
Khuli kitaab hun sabhi ne baanchi (I am an open book for everyone to read)
Dilon mein khiloon to preet hoon (If I bloom in hearts, I awaken)
Haare na kabhi wo jeet hun (I am the victory which never loses)
Main hi naav Mai hi mera maajhi (I am both the boat and the oarsman)

Rap ( written by Lilly Singh aka Superwoman)

How many worlds we in? ONE
How many loves we got? ONE
Twenty one questions and the answer is always ONE LOVE!
Headphones in my iPod,
Speakers in my ear,
And no matter the songs I got
Love is what you hear.
And to which God do you pray?
And how many times a day?
I'll hear you out but either way
I'll love you the same way
Coz skin colour, dismiss that
Equality, don't diss that
Brown girls shouldn't rap,
Huh I must've missed that!

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