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Overview. Amar Chitra Katha Comic Books

There is a separate blog for the Amar Chitra Katha Reading Guides, and the links below show you what comic books are included. All of these are available on reserve in Bizzell Library.


Rama: Retold from the Ramayana. How would you tell the Ramayana in a single comic book? That's what this comic book does!

The Sons of Rama: Luv and Kush — The Invincible Twins. The story of how Rama finally met his sons, Luv and Kush, after sending Sita into exile.

Ancestors of Rama: A Noble Inheritance. Here you will find the stories of Dilipa, Raghu, and Aja, who are Rama's great-great-grandfather, great-grandfather, and grandfather.

Dasharatha: The Story of Rama's Father. This story begins with the momentous hunting accident in Dasharatha's youth and ends with his death.

Hanuman: The Epitome of Devotion and Courage. Here you will read about all the great feats that Hanuman performed as Rama's most devoted follower.

Hanuman to the Rescue: Hanuman Brings the Sanjeevani. Find out how and why Hanuman carried a mountain through the sky.

Vali: The Downfall of an Arrogant King. Here you will find the story of Vali's fatal quarrel with his brother Sugriva.

Ravana Humbled: An Arrogant King Finds New Friends. Here you can read about Ravana's encounters with Shiva, Kartavirya, and the monkey-king Vali.

The Lord of Lanka: The Rise and Fall of a Demon King. This comic book goes from Ravana's birth to his death, and includes the stories of Vedavati and Rambha also.

Kubera: The Lord of Wealth. You will read about the life of Kubera, the virtuous lord of wealth, and his long struggle with Ravana, who is his own half-brother.

Kumbhakarna: The Sleeping Giant. This tells the story of Kumbhakarna, Ravana's gigantic brother.

Mahiravana: A Magician Outwitted. This is the story of Ravana's son and his plan to kidnap Rama and Lakshmana in order to sacrifice them to Durga.

Vishvamitra: The King Who Became an Ascetic. The story of how King Vishvamitra became a rishi, a rajarshi, a maharishi, and finally a brahmarshi, the greatest of all sages.

Heroes of Hampi: The Mythology of Kishkindha. This book includes legends of Shiva, Hanuman, and also the brothers Hakka and Bukka who founded the great kingdom of Vijayanagara.


Gandhari, A Mother Blinded by Love. You can read about Gandhari's righteous life as the wife of King Dhritarashtra and the mother of Duryodhana.

Subhadra: Beloved Sister of Krishna and BalaramaThis is the story of how Subhadra became the wife, not of Duryodhana, but of Arjuna instead.

Krishna and Shishupala: He Was Forgiven a Hundred TimesThe story of Shishupala's ominous birth and his slaying by Krishna.

Krishna and Jarasandha: Krishna Outsmarts His Fierce Adversary. The story of Jarasandha's weird birth and his bitter enmity with Krishna.

Ghatotkacha: The Chivalrous Demon. This comic book includes the folktale of Ghatotkacha and Vatsala plus the epic battle of Ghatotkacha and Karna.

Uloopi: The Naga Princess who Fell in Love with Arjuna. This is the story of Arjuna's wives Ulupi and also Chitranganda, and the battle between Arjuna and his own son, Babhruvahana.

Karna: Brave, Generous, Ill-Fated Prince. This comic book begins with Karna's supernatural birth and ends with his death of the field of Kurukshetra.

Drona: Valiant Archer, Supreme Teacher. A story about comebacks and paybacks, attacks and counterattacks, from Drona's birth until his death.

Yudhishthira: Justice for the Pandava. Three stories in which Yudhishthira is tested and proves himself the son of Yama (Dharma) each time.

Tales of Arjuna: The Exploits of an Exceptional Warrior. Read about Arjuna and a mysterious monkey, the story of the burning of Khandava forest, and also the tale of the brahmin's ten sons.

Abhimanyu: Star-Crossed Prince. The story of Abhimanyu, son of Arjuna, and his extraordinary bravery in battle.

Pareekshit: Son of Abhimanyu. The story of Pareekshit, the snake-lord Takshaka, and the snake-sacrifice of Pareekshit's son, Janamejaya.


Monkey Stories: Jataka Tales of Wile and Wisdom. Five Buddhist jataka stories about monkeys.

Krishna's Sories — without Guides (yet)

Bhagawat: The Krishna Avatar

Tales of Balarama: Valiant Brother Of Krishna

Pradyumna: Son of Krishna

Visionaries and Their Stories — without Guides (yet)

Tulsidas Ramayana: Ram Charit Manas
Tulsidas: The Poet Who Wrote Ram-Charit-Manas
Zarathushtra: God's Messenger From Ancient Persia
Kalidasa: Master Poet And Dramatist
Kabir: He Spoke Of Tolerance And Mercy
Chokha Mela: The Boy Who Heard God
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu: The Miracle Messenger Of Love

Gods and Avatars Comic Books without Guides (yet):

Prahlad: A Tale Of Devotion From The Bhagawat Purana
Parashurama: Sixth Incarnation of Vishnu
Tales of Vishnu: The Gentle God
Tales of Narada: Tales of Devotion and Rivalry
Indra and Vritra: The Demon Who Terrorized the Gods
Indra and Shachi: The Lord of Heaven and his Devoted Wife
Ganga: The Divine Beauty
Divine Beings: Airavata, Jatayu, Nandi and Others
Stories of Creation from the Brahma Purana
The Churning of the Ocean

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