Monday, May 7, 2001

Overview: Banker. Ramayana.

Comments: These are very long books but they make for quick reading as Banker's style is very cinematic and fast-paced. Each of the books provides four weeks' worth of reading.

Bizzell Library: Volume 1, Prince of Ayodhya, is available for checkout from the Bizzell stacks: PR 9499.3 .B264 P75 2005. The complete set is also available on a Bizzell Kindle for checkout. You can learn about the Bizzell Kindles here.

Title: Ramayana Series
Author: Ashok K. Banker
Year: 2011

Kindle book - $9.99
(you can also buy the individual volumes which are very inexpensive, although they are full-length books - each of these single books is four weeks of reading: Prince of AyodhyaSiege of MithilaDemons of ChitrakutArmies of HanumanBridge of RamaKing of AyodhyaVengeance of RavanaSons of Sita)

Volume 1 Reading Guide: four weeks of reading.
Part A: Chapters 0.1-6, Chapters 1.1-2
Part B: Chapters 1.3-13
Part C: Chapters 1.14-23
Part D: Chapters 1.24-31
Part E: Chapters 1.32-2.5
Part F: Chapters 2.6-11
Part G: Chapters 2.12-18
Part H: Chapters 2.19-end

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