Monday, June 30, 2014

Reading Guide: Brook. Mahabharata (Script)

The script mostly matches the film, but not exactly; it is for the theatrical performance; this was a play first before being made into a film. If you want to do an additional one or two weeks of reading, you can read the play — but watch the film first, since it is hard to visualize the script of the play if you have not seen the film.

TITLE: The Mahabharata: a play based upon the Indian classic epic
AUTHORS:  Jean-Claude Carrière and Peter Brook
Bizzell Reserve Desk Call Number: PQ 2663.A78 M3413


Reading A pages 1-56
The Beginnings
Marriage and Kingdom
The King of Kings

Reading B pages 57-123
The Game of Dice
The Pandavas in Danger
In the Forest
The Search for Arms
The Court of King Virata


Reading A pages 123-185
The War of the Cows
On the Battlefield
The Masks Fall
Duryodhana and Arjuna with Krishna
The Embassies
Krishna's Last Efforts
The Bhagavad-Gita
Kunti and Karna
The Death of Abhimanyu

Reading B pages 186-239
The Death of Ghatotkacha
The Death of Drona
Karna Takes Command
Duhshasana's Death; Karna's Death
Duryodhana's Death; End of the War
Krishna's Death
By the River

The Last Illusion

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