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Viewing Guide. Peter Brook's Mahabharata 2. Youth and Marriage.

Peter Brook's Mahabharata 2. Youth and Marriage.

36 minute mark: Drona

LINK. Ganesha is writing the story down as Vyasa dictates. The sons of Pandu and Dhritarashtra are grown. A teacher arrives: Drona. Bhishma is delighted. The boys need a teacher: "I decided to raise them together, but since childhood everything tears them apart."

LINK. Drona tests their skills in archery; only Arjuna can focus completely on the target. Drona promises to teach him everything, and he makes him promise: "If, one day, destiny places us face to face, you must fight me and you must fight to kill."

41 minute mark: Ekalavya

LINK. Ekalavya comes to be Drona's student, but Drona rejects him. Ekalavya makes a statue of Drona and regards it as his teacher.

LINK. Arjuna is distressed when Ekalavya seems to have more advanced skills. Ekalavya tells Drona: "Ask what you wish. I owe you everything." Drona demands the thumb of his right hand. The boy asks Vyasa: "Why this act of cruelty?" Vyasa: Because the earth has lost its youth; it's gone by like a happy dream.Now each day brings us closer to destruction, to barrenness."

44 minute mark: Arjuna and Karna

LINK. Arjuna continues to hone his skills. His cousins are jealous and afraid.

LINK. A stranger comes to challenge Arjuna, son of Kunti. It is Karna (remember, Karna is also Kunti's son, but he does not know it). He equals Arjuna's feats. Duryodhana embraces Karna happily. Arjuna challenges Karna's right to participate. Karna taunts Arjuna: "Wherever you look, I'll always be ahead."

LINK. Karna prepares to fight Arjuna. Drona challenges Karna to declare his father's name; Karna say nothing. Drona asks for his mother's name. Karna says nothing. Kunti is distressed. Karna explains he is the son of a driver. Arjuna tells him to leave. Duryodhana then makes Karna King of Anga, and Karna swears undying friendship.

LINK. Bhima taunts Karna cruelly, and Duryodhana is enraged: "Shut your mouth and don't speak of birth. Birth is obscure and men are like rivers whose origins are often unknown. I look at Karna and I'm not mistaken. I see his power edged with mystery and he'll forever be my friend. The setting sun seems to whisper it's true." Karna vows to kill Arjuna someday.

50 minute mark: Draupadi

LINK. Arjuna comes to tell Kunti that he won something; Kunti tells him to share with his brothers what he won. It is Draupadi, Arjuna's bride. Kunti cannot take back her word. All the brothers love Draupadi, and all of them will marry her. Kunti: "Destiny slipped into my words without warning."

This part ends at 53:30.

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