Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Reference Book. Griffith. Specimens of Old Indian Poetry

Comments: This contains selections from the Mahabharata and other ancient Indian sources rendered as English verse..

Title: Specimens of Old Indian Poetry
Author: Ralph T. H. Griffith
Year: 1852

Online Sources (FREE):
Internet Archive
Hathi Trust
Google Books

   Veda Hymns:
Hymn to the Sun
Hymn to Morning
Hymn to Fire
   The Book of the Law of Manu: 
The Duty of Witnesses
The Duty of Soldiers
The Duty of Kings
   The Ramayana:
Death of the Hermit Boy
   The Mahabharata:
Savitri or the Faithful Wife
The Churning of the Ocean
The Lord's Song
   Other Selections:
The Cloud Messenger
Sakontala: A Drama
The Nalodata: Damayanti's Choice
The Gita Govinda

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