Sunday, May 20, 2001

Overview: Coomaraswamy. Songs of the Love of Radha and Krishna.

Comments: You can read more about Vidyapati (1352–1448), also known as Maithil Kavi Kokil (the poet cuckoo of Maithili) at Wikipedia.

Title: Songs of the Love of Radha and Krishna
Author: Vidyapati
Translator: Ananda Coomaraswamy
Year: 1915

Online Sources (FREE):
Project Gutenberg
Internet Archive
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The links for the reading are to the Project Gutenberg edition:

The First Passion of Krishna
The Growing-up of Rādhā
The First Passion of Rādhā
The Counsel of Girl-friends
First Meetings
Rādhā's Going-forth to visit Krishna
Reunion after Wilfulness
Reproaches, Lack and Longing
Reunion and the Flow of Nectar

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