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Reference Book. Griffith. Valmiki's Ramayana.

Comments: This is a complete verse translation of Valmiki's Ramayana, excluding the Uttara Kanda. There are also a few other sargas that are not included, usually because Griffith considered them redundant.

Title: Ramayana, Books 1-6
Author: Valmiki
Translator: Ralph T.H. Griffith
Year: 1870-1874

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Canto I: Nárad. 
Canto II: Brahmá's Visit
Canto III.: The Argument.
Canto IV.: The Rhapsodists.
Canto V.: Ayodhyá
Canto VI.: The King.
Canto VII.: The Ministers.
Canto VIII.: Sumantra's Speech.
Canto IX.: Rishyas'ring.
Canto X.: Rishyas'ring Invited.
Canto XI: The Sacrifice Decreed.
Canto XII.: The Sacrifice Begun.
Canto XIII.: The Sacrifice Finished.
Canto XIV.: Rávan Doomed.
Canto XV.: The Nectar.
Canto XVI.: The Vánars.
Canto XVII.: Rishyas'ring's Return.
Canto XVIII.: Rishyas'ring's Departure.
Canto XIX.: The Birth of The Princes.
Canto XX.: Vis'vámitra's Visit.
Canto XXI.: Vis'vámitra's Speech.
Canto XXII.: Das'aratha's Speech.
Canto XXIII.: Vas'ishtha's Speech.
Canto XXIV.: The Spells.
Canto XXV.: The Hermitage of Love.
Canto XXVI.: The Forest of Tádaká
Canto XXVII.: The Birth of Tádaká
Canto XXVIII.: The Death of Tádaká
Canto XXIX. : The Celestial Arms.
Canto XXX.: The Mysterious Powers.
Canto XXXI: The Perfect Hermitage.
Canto XXXII.: Vis'vámitra's Sacrifice.
Canto XXXIII.: The Sone.
Canto XXXIV.: Brahmadatta.
Canto XXXV: Visvámitra's Lineage.
Canto XXXVI.: The Birth of Gangá.
Canto XXXIX.: The Sons of Sagar.
Canto XL.: The Cleaving of The Earth.
Canto XLI.: Kapil.
Canto XLII.: Sagar's Sacrifice.
Canto XLIII.: Bhagirath.
Canto XLIV.: The Descent of Gangà.
Canto XLV.: The Quest of The Amrit.
Canto XLVI.: Diti's Hope.
Canto XLVII.: Sumatí.
Canto XLVIII.: Indra And Ahalyá
Canto XLIX.: Ahalyá Freed
Canto L.: Janak.
Canto LI.: Vis'vámitra.
Canto LII.: Vas'ishtha's Feast.
Canto LIII.: Vis'vàmitra's Request.
Canto LIV.: The Battle.
Canto LV.: The Hermitage Burnt.
Canto LVI.: Vis'vámitra's Vow.
Canto LVII.: Tris'anku.
Canto LVIII.: Tris'anku Cursed.
Canto LIX.: The Sons of Vas'ishtha.
Canto LX.: Tris'anku's Ascension.
Canto LXI: S'unahs'epha.
Canto LXII.: Ambaresha's Sacrifice.
Canto LXIII.: Menaká.
Canto LXIV.: Rambhá.
Canto LXV.: Vis'vámitra's Triumph
Canto LXVI.: Janak's Speech
Canto LXVII.: The Breaking of The Bow
Canto LXVIII.: The Envoys' Speech.
Canto LXIX.: Das'aratha's Visit.
Canto LXX.: The Maidens Sought.
Canto LXXI.: Janak's Pedigree.
Canto LXXII.: The Gift of Kine.
Canto LXXIII.: The Nuptials
Canto LXXIV.: Ráma With The Axe.
Canto LXXV.: The Parle.
Canto LXXVI.: Debarred From Heaven.
Canto LXXVII.: Bharat's Departure.

Canto I.: The Heir Apparent.
Canto II.: The People's Speech.
Canto III.: Das'aratha's Precepts.
Canto IV.: Ráma Summoned.
Canto V.: Ráma's Fast.
Canto VI.: The City Decorated.
Canto VII.: Manthará's Lament
Canto VIII: Manthará's Speech
Canto IX.: The Plot
Canto X.: Das'aratha's Speech.
Canto XI.: The Queen's Demand.
Canto XII.: Dasaratha's Lament.
Canto XIII.: Das'aratha's Distress.
Canto XIV.: Ráma Summoned.
Canto XV.: The Preparations.
Canto XVI.: Ráma Summoned.
Canto XVII.: Ráma's Approach.
Canto XVIII.: The Sentence.
Canto XIX.: Ráma's Promise.
Canto XX.: Kaus'alyá's Lament.
Canto XXI.: Kaus'alyá Calmed.
Canto XXII.: Lakshman Calmed.
Canto XXIII.: Lakshman's Anger.
Canto XXIV.: Kaus'alyá Calmed.
Canto XXV.: Kaus'alya's Blessing.
Canto XXVI.: Alone With Sitá
Canto XXVII.: Sítá's Speech
Canto XXVIII.: The Dangers of The Wood
Canto XXIX.: Sítá's Appeal
Canto XXX.: The Triumph of Love.
Canto XXXI.: Lakshman's Prayer.
Canto XXXII.: The Gift of The Treasures.
Canto XXXIII.: The People's Lament.
Canto XXXIV.: Ráma In The Palace.
Canto XXXV.: Kaikeyí Reproached.
Canto XXXVI.: Siddhárth's Speech.
Canto XXXVII.: The Coats of Bark.
Canto XXXVIII.: Care For Kaus'alyá
Canto XXXIX.: Counsel To Sítá.
Canto XL.: Ráma's Departure.
Canto XLI.: The Citizens' Lament.
Canto XLII.: Das'aratha's Lament.
Canto XLIII.: Kaus'alyá's Lament.
Canto XLIV.: Sumitra's Speech.
Canto XLV.: The Tamasá.
Canto XLVI.: The Halt.
Canto XLVII.: The Citizens' Return.
Canto XLVIII.: The Women's Lament.
Canto XLIX.: The Crossing of The Rivers.
Canto L.: The Halt Under The Ingudí.
Canto LI.: Lakshman's Lament.
Canto LII.: The Crossing of Gangá.
Canto LIII.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto LIV.: Bharadvája's Hermitage.
Canto LV.: The Passage of Yamuná.
Canto LVI.: Chitrakuta.
Canto LVII.: Sumantra's Return.
Canto LVIII.: Ráma's Message.
Canto LIX: Das'aratha's Lament.
Canto LX.: Kaus'alyá Consoled.
Canto LXI.: Kauslaya's Lament.
Canto LXII.: Das'aratha Consoled.
Canto LXIII.: The Hermit's Son
Canto LXIV.: Das'aratha's Death
Canto LXV.: The Women's Lament.
Canto LXVI.: The Embalming.
Canto LXVII.: The Praise of Kings.
Canto LXVIII.: The Envoys.
Canto LXIX.: Bharat's Dream.
Canto LXX.: Bharat's Departure.
Canto LXXI.: Bharat's Return.
Canto LXXII.: Bharat's Inquiry.
Canto LXXIII.: Kaikeyí Reproached.
Canto LXXIV.: Bharat's Lamest.
Canto LXXV.: The Abjuration.
Canto LXXVI.: The Funeral
Canto LXXVII.: The Gathering of The Ashes
Canto LXXVIII.: Manthará Punished
Canto LXXIX.: Bharat's Commands.
Canto LXXX.: The Way Prepared.
Canto LXXXI.: The Assembly.
Canto LXXXII.: The Departure.
Canto LXXXIII.: The Journey Begun.
Canto LXXXIV.: Guha's Anger.
Canto LXXXV.: Guha And Bharat.
Canto LXXXVI.: Guha's Speech.
Canto LXXXVII.: Guha's Story.
Canto LXXXVIII.: The Ingudí Tree.
Canto LXXXIX.: The Passage of Gangá.
Canto XC.: The Hermitage.
Canto XCI.: Bharadvája's Feast.
Canto XCII.: Bharat's Farewell.
Canto XCIII.: Chitrakúta In Sight.
Canto XCIV.: Chitrakúta.
Canto XCV.: Mandákiní.
Canto XCVI. : The Magic Shaft.
Canto XCVII.: Lakshman's Anger.
Canto XCVIII: Lakshman Calmed.
Canto XCIX.: Bharat's Approach.
Canto C.: The Meeting.
Canto CI.: Bharat Questioned.
Canto CII.: Bharat's Tidings.
Canto CIII.: The Funeral Libation.
Canto CIV.: The Meeting With The Queens.
Canto CV.: Rama's Speech.
Canto CVI.: Bharat's Speech.
Canto CVII.: Ráma's Speech.
Canto CVIII.: Jáváli's Speech.
Canto CIX.: The Praises of Truth.
Canto CX.: The Sons of Ikshva'ku.
Canto CXI.: Counsel To Bharat.
Canto CXII.: The Sandals.
Canto CXIII.: Bharat's Beturn.
Canto CXIV.: Bharat's Departure.
Canto CXV.: Nandigrám. 
Canto CXVI.: The Hermit's Speech.
Canto CXVII.: Anasúyá.
Canto CXVIII.: Anasúyá's Gifts.
Canto CXIX.: The Forest.

Canto I.: The Hermitage
Canto II.: Virádha
Canto III.: Virádha Attacked
Canto IV.: Virádha's Death
Canto V.: S'arabhanga.
Canto VI.: Ráma's Promise.
Canto VII.: Sutíkshna.
Canto VIII.: The Hermitage.
Canto IX.: Sita's Speech.
Canto X.: Ráma's Reply.
Canto XI.: Agastya.
Canto XII.: The Heavenly Bow.
Canto XIII.: Agastya's Counsel.
Canto XIV.: Jatáyus.
Canto XV.: Panchavatt.
Canto XVI.: Winter.
Canto XVII.: S'u'panakha
Canto XVIII.: The Mutilation
Canto XIX.: The Rousing of Khara.
Canto XX.: The Giants' Death.
Canto XXI.: The Rousing of Khara.
Canto XXII: Khara's Wrath.
Canto XXIII.: The Omens.
Canto XXIV.: The Host In Sight.
Canto XXV.: The Battle.
Canto XXVI.: Dúshan's Death.
Canto XXVII.: The Death of Tris'iras.
Canto XXVIII.: Khara Dismounted.
Canto XXIX.: Khara's Defeat.
Canto XXX.: Khara's Death.
Canto XXXI.: Rávan
Canto XXXII.: Rávan Roused.
Canto XXXIII.: Súrpanakhá's Speech.
Canto XXXIV.: Sûrpanakhá's Speech.
Canto XXXV.: Rávan's Journey.
Canto XXXVI.: Rávan's Speech.
Canto XXXVII.: Márícha's Speech.
Canto XXXVIII.: Márícha's Speech.
Canto XXXIX.: Márícha's Speech.
Canto XL.: Rávan's Speech.
Canto XLI.: Márícha's Reply
Canto XLII.: Márícha Transformed
Canto XLIII.: The Wondrous Deer
Canto XLIV: Artcha's Death
Canto XLV.: Lakshman's Departure.
Canto XLVI.: The Guest.
Canto XLVII: Rávan's Wooing.
Canto XLVIII: Rávan's Speech.
Canto XLIX.: The Rape of Sitá
Canto L.: Jatáyus
Canto LI.: The Combat
Canto LII.: Rávan's Flight.
Canto LIII.: Sitá's Threats.
Canto LIV.: Lanká.
Canto LV.: Sítá In Prison.
Canto LVI.: Sítá's Disdain.
Canto LVII.: Sítá Comforted.
Canto LVIII.: The Brothers' Meeting.
Canto LIX.: Ráma's Return.
Canto LX.: Lakshman Reproved.
Canto LXI.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto LXII.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto LXIII.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto LXIV.: Rama's Lament.
Canto LXV.: Rama's Wrath.
Canto LXVI.: Lakshman's Speech.
Canto LXVII.: Ráma Appeased.
Canto LXVIII.: Jatáyus
Canto LXIX.: The Death of Jatáyus
Canto LXX.: Kabandha.
Canto LXXI.: Kabandha's Speech.
Canto LXXII.: Kabandha's Tale.
Canto LXXIII.: Kabandha's Counsel.
Canto LXXIV.: Kabandha's Death.
Canto LXXV.: Savari
Canto LXXVI.: Pampá.

Canto I.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto II.: Sugríva's Alarm.
Canto IV: Lakshman's Reply.
Canto V.: The League.
Canto VI.: The Tokens.
Canto VII.: Ráma Consoled.
Canto VIII.: Ráma's Promise.
Canto IX.: Sugríva's Story. 
Canto X.: Sugríva's Story.
Canto XI.: Dundubhi.
Canto XII.: The Palm Trees.
Canto XIII.: The Return To Kishkindhá.
Canto XIV.: The Challenge
Canto XV.: Tará
Canto XVI.: The Fall of Báli
Canto XVII.: Báli's Speech.
Canto XVIII.: Ráma's Reply.
Canto XIX.: Tárá's Grief.
Canto XX.: Tárá's Lament.
Canto XXI.: Hanumán's Speech.
Canto XXII.: Báli Dead.
Canto XXIII.: Tárá's Lament.
Canto XXIV.: Sugríva's Lament.
Canto XXV.: Ráma's Speech.
Canto XXVI.: The Coronation.
Canto XXVII.: Ráma On The Hill.
Canto XXVIII.: The Rains.
Canto XXIX.: Hanumán's Counsel.
Canto XXX.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto XXXI.: The Envoy.
Canto XXXII.: Hanuman's Counsel.
Canto XXXIII.: Lakshman's Entry.
Canto XXXIV.: Lakshman's Speech
Canto XXXV.: Tárá's Speech.
Canto XXXVI.: Sugríva's Speech.
Canto XXXVII.: The Gathering.
Canto XXXVIII.: Sugríva's Departure.
Canto XXXIX.: The Vánar Host.
Canto XL.: The Army of The East.
Canto XLI.: The Army of The South.
Canto XLII.: The Army of The West.
Canto XLIII.: The Army of The North.
Canto XLIV.: The Ring.
Canto XLV.: The Departure.
Canto XLVI.: Sugríva's.
Canto XLVII.: The Return.
Canto XLVIII.: The Asur's Death.
Canto XLIX.: Angad's Speech.
Canto L.: The Enchanted Cave.
Canto LI.: Svayamprabhá
Canto LII.: The Exit.
Canto LIII.: Angad's Counsel.
Canto LIV.: Hanumán's Speech.
Canto LVI: 
Canto LV.: Angad's Reply
Canto LVI.: Sampáti.
Canto LVII.: Angad's Speech.
Canto LVIII: Tidings of Sitá.
Canto LIX.: Sampati's Story
Canto LX.: Sampáti's Story
Canto LXI.: Sampáti's Story
Canto LXII.: Sampáti's Story
Canto LXIII.: Sampáti's Story
Canto LXIV.: The Sea.
Canto LXV.: The Council.
Canto LXVI.: Hanumán.
Canto LXVII.: Hanuman's Speech.

Canto I.: Hanumán's Leap
Canto II.: Lanká
Canto III.: The Guardian Goddess.
Canto IV.: Within The City.
Canto VI. : The Court.
Canto VII.: Ravan's Palace.
Canto VIII.: The Enchanted Car.
Canto IX.: The Ladies' Bower.
Canto X.: Rávan Asleep.
Canto XI.: The Banquet Hall.
Canto XII.: The Search Renewed.
Canto XIII.: Despair And Hope.
Canto XIV.: The As'oka Grove.
Canto XV.: Sítá.
Canto XVI.: Hanumán's Lament.
Canto XVII.: Sítá's Guard.
Canto XVIII.: Rávan.
Canto XIX.: Síta's Fear.
Canto XX.: Rávan's Wooing.
Canto XXI.: Sita's Scorn.
Canto XXII.: Rávan's Threat.
Canto XXIII.: The Demons' Threats
Canto XXIV.: Sítá's Reply.
Canto XXV.: Sítá's Lament.
Canto XXVI.: Sitá's Lament
Canto XXVII.: Trijatá's Dream.
Canto XXX.: Hanumán's Deliberation.
Canto XXXI.: Hanumán's Speech.
Canto XXXII.: Sítá's Doubt.
Canto XXXIII.: The Colloquy.
Canto XXXIV.: Hanumán's Speech.
Canto XXXV.: Hanuman's Speech.
Canto XXXVI.: Ráma's Ring
Canto XXXVII.: Sítá's Speech
Canto XXXVIII.: Sitá's Gem
Canto XLI.: The Ruin of The Grove
Canto XLII.: The Giants Roused.
Canto XLIII.: The Ruin of The Temple.
Canto XLIV.: Jambumáli's Death.
Canto XLV.: The Seven Defeated.
Canto XLVI.: The Captains.
Canto XLVII.: The Death of Aksha.
Canto XLVIIL: Hanumán Captured.
Canto XLIX.: Rávan.
Canto L.: Prahasta's Questions.
Canto LI.: Hanumán's Reply.
Canto LII.: Vibhíshan's Speech.
Canto LIII.: The Punishment.
Canto LIV.: The Burning of Lanká.
Canto LV.: Fear For Sítá.
Canto LVI: Mount Arishta.
Canto LVII.: Hanúmán's Return.
Canto LXI.: The Feast of Honey.
Canto LXV. : The Tidings.
Canto LXVI.: Ráma's Speech.

Canto I.: Ráma's Speech.
Canto II.: Sugríva's Speech.
Canto III.: Lanká.
Canto IV.: The March.
Canto V.: Ráma's Lament.
Canto VI.: Rávan's Speech.
Canto VII.: Rávan Encouraged.
Canto VIII.: Prahasta's Speech.
Canto IX.: Vibhíshan's Counsel.
Canto X.: Vibhíshan's Counsel.
Canto XI.: The Summons.
Canto XII.: Ravan's Speech.
Canto XIII.: Rávan's Speech.
Canto XIV.: Vibhíshan's Speech.
Canto XV.: Indrajit's Speech.
Canto XVI.: Rávan's Speech.
Canto XVII.: Vibhíshan's Flight.
Canto XVIII.: Ráma's Speech.
Canto XIX.: Vibhíshan's Counsel.
Canto XX.: The Spies.
Canto XXI.: Ocean Threatened.
Canto XXII.: 
Canto XXIII.: The Omens.
Canto XXIV.: The Spy's Return.
Canto XXV.: Rávan's Spies.
Canto XXVI.: The Vánar Chiefs.
Canto XXVII.: The Vánar Chiefs.
Canto XXVIII.: The Chieftains.
Canto XXIX.: S'árdúla Captured.
Canto XXX.: Sárdúla's Speech.
Canto XXXI.: The Magic Head.
Canto XXXII.: Sitá's Lament.
Canto XXXIII.: Saramá.
Canto XXXIV.: Saramá's Tidings.
Canto XXXV.: Malyaván's Speech.
Canto XXXVI.: Rávan's Reply.
Canto XXXVII.: Preparations.
Canto XXXVIII.: The Ascent of Suvela.
Canto XXXIX.: Lanká.
Canto XL.: Rávan Attacked.
Canto XLI.: Ráma's Envoy.
Canto XLII.: The Sally.
Canto XLIII.: The Single Combats.
Canto XLIV.: The Night.
Canto XLV.: Indrajit's Victory.
Canto XLVI.: Indrajit's Triumph.
Canto XLVII.: Sitá.
Canto XLVIII.: Sitá's Lament.
Canto XLIX.: Ráma's Lament
Canto L.: The Broken Spell.
Canto LI.: Dhúmráksha's Sally.
Canto LII.: Dhúmráksha's Death.
Canto LIII.: Vajradanshtra's Sally.
Canto LIV.: Vajradanshtra's Death.
Canto LIX.: Rávans Sally.
Canto LX.: Kumbhakarna Roused.
Canto LX.: Kumbhakarn'a Roused.
Canto LXI.: The Vánars' Alarm.
Canto LXII: Rávan's Request
Canto LXIII.: Kumbhakabna's Boast.
Canto LXIV.: Mahodar's Speech.
Canto LXV.: Khumbhakarna's Speech.
Canto LXVI.: Kombhakarna's Sally.
Canto LXVII.: Kumbhakarna's Death.
Canto LXVIII.: Rávan's Lament.
Canto LXIX.: Narántak's Death.
Canto LXX.: The Death of Tris'iras.
Canto LXXI.: Atikáya's Death.
Canto LXXII.: Rávan's Speech.
Canto LXXIII.: Indrajit's Victory.
Canto LXXIV.: The Medicinal Herbs.
Canto LXXV.: The Night Attack.
Canto XCIII.: Rávan's Lament.
Canto XCVI.: Rávan's Sally.
Canto C.: Ravan In The Field
Canto CI.: Lakshman's Fall
Canto CII.: Lakshman Healed
Canto CIII.: Indra's Car
Canto CVI.: Glory To The Sun
Canto CVIII.: The Battle
Canto CIX.: The Battle
Canto CX.: Rávan's Death
Canto CXI.: Vibhíshan's Lament.
Canto CXII.: The Rákshas Dames.
Canto CXIII.: Mandodarí's Lament.
Canto CXIV: Vibhíshan Consecrated.
Canto CXV.: Sitá's Joy
Canto CXVI.: The Meeting
Canto CXVII.: Sítá's Disgrace
Canto CXVIII.: Sítá's Reply
Canto CXIX.: Glory To Vishnu.
Canto CXX.: Sítá Restored.
Canto CXXI.: Das'aratha.
Canto CXXII.: Indra's Boon.
Canto CXXIII.: The Magic Car.
Canto CXXIV.: The Departure.
Canto CXXV.: The Return.
Canto CXXVI.: Bharat Consoled.
Canto CXXVII.: Ráma's Message.
Canto CXXVIII.: Hanumán's Story.
Canto CXXIX.: The Meeting With Bharat.
Canto CXXX.: The Consecration.

(Notice that Griffith did not translate the seventh book, Uttara Kanda, which tells of Sita's exile.)

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