Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Overview: Quinn. Vengeance of Ashwatthama

Author: Jason Quinn
Artist: Sachin Nagar
Title: Kaurava Empire Vol. 2: The Vengeance of Ashwatthama
Year: 2015

Comments: This is a graphic novel version of the Mahabharata, following up on Volume 1: Abhimanyu and the Conquest of the Chakravyuha. Make sure you read that volume first to get acquainted with this way of retelling the Mahabharata and its take on the characters and events.

Bizzell Reserves:  Go to the Bizzell Reserve Desk to check out this book. Call number: PN 6737 .Q56 K38 2014. Note that both volumes have the same call number.

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B.

Reading Part A:
Start by going to the back and reading a note by the author (p. 88). That will help you get oriented! Then read pp. 1-45: up to "that only left one alternative: WAR!"

Reading Part B:
pp. 46-87: the end

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