Monday, August 7, 2017

Project Idea: Birth Stories

The Ramayana itself begins with a miraculous birth, and you will find strange stories of birth throughout both epics. Most of the heroes and heroines are remarkable from the very first moment when they enter the world!

Research Tip: The best way to research this topic is to keep an eye out for birth stories while you are reading, and you can also use Wikipedia to research the birth stories of characters who intrigue you, like Sita and Rama in the Ramayana, or Karna and Krishna in the Mahabharata, or the birth stories of gods like Hanuman and Ganesha. You might also be interested to learn about Shashthi, the goddess of childbirth (she has a cat as her vahana). And if you are curious about rebirth and reincarnation, check out this Wikipedia article: Samsara.

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