Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Project Idea: Divine Iconography

The Indian art tradition is rich in iconography, and you could use those details in the depictions of the gods as prompts for the stories in your project.

Research Tip: Each of the Wikipedia articles about the major gods and goddesses will provide information you can use: Vishnu iconography, Shiva iconography, Brahma iconography, Lakshmi iconography, Parvati iconography, Saraswati iconography, Ganesha iconography, etc. There's even an article on the 32 popular forms of Ganesha.

Here is one of those Ganeshas: Vīra Gaṇapati, the Valiant Ganapati:

Armed with Bhetala, the weapon of power (shakti), arrow, bow, wheel (chakra or discus), sword, club, hammer, mace, hook, nagapasha (serpent noose), spear, plough, and the shining axe.

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