Saturday, August 5, 2017

Project Idea: Geography of the Ramayana

You can learn a lot about the sacred geography of India by looking at the places where the events of the Ramayana happen.

Research Tip: Wikipedia is a fantastic resource for both the mythological and contemporary geography of India. Here are just some places whose stories you could tell in a project: Ayodhya (and the Ayodhya Dispute), Chitrakuta, PanchavatiJatayu RockDandaka Forest, Kishkindha, and Rama's Bridge at Rameshwaram. You can also learn about locations beyond India like ancient Lanka (Sri Lanka), and Sita's home, Janakpur in Nepal. Plus you can Google Ramayana tourism to see all kinds of actual vacation packages available for real travel.

There's also this great comic book on Reserve in Bizzell: Heroes of Hampi: The Mythology of Kishkindha. You can use this to learn about the Ramayana legends associated with Hampi:

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