Thursday, August 3, 2017

Project Idea: Hanuman

Hanuman the monkey-god is one of the most memorable characters from the Ramayana, and he continues to be worshipped throughout India even today.

Research Tip: Start with the Wikipedia article about Hanuman. You will find comic books on Reserve in Bizzell: Hanuman: The Epitome of Devotion and Courage, Hanuman to the Rescue, Mahiravana: A Magician Outwitted, Bheema and Hanuman, and Tales of Arjuna (that's Hanuman on the cover), plus this graphic novel: Sundarkaand: Triumph of Hanuman. And for a sense of Hanuman worship in India today, you can see all these Hanuman Chalisa videos at YouTube (more about the Hanuman Chalisa at Wikipedia too). In the Thai version of the Ramayana, Hanuman has a mermaid lover named Suvannamaccha.

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