Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reading Guide: Babbitt. Jataka Tales.

Title: Jataka Tales
Author: Ellen C. Babbitt
Illustrator: Ellsworth Young
Year: 1912

Comments: Ellen Babbitt wrote two volumes of Jataka tales for children. You will find just the stories in her books, without the Buddha's framing of the tale. You can find out more about the Jataka tradition here: Jataka Tales.

Location: You will find free online versions, including a free audiobook, at Freebookapalooza. The links below are to the Baldwin Project presentation of the book.

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B. This can also work for just a half-week of reading!

How the Turtle Saved His Own Life
The Merchant of Seri
The Turtle Who Could n't Stop Talking
The Ox Who Won the Forfeit
The Sandy Road
The Quarrel of the Quails
The Measure of Rice
The Foolish, Timid Rabbit

Reading Part B
The Wise and Foolish Merchant
The Elephant Girly-face
The Banyan Deer
The Princes and the Water-Sprite
The King's White Elephant
The Ox Who Never Envied the Pig
Grannie's Blackie
The Crab and the Crane
Why the Owl Is Not King of the Birds

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