Friday, August 19, 2016

Overview: Olivelle. Panchatantra.

Title: Panchatantra: The Book of India's Folk Wisdom
Author: Patrick Olivelle
Year: 1997

Comments: This is a delightful translation of the Panchatantra, one of the oldest stories collections in the world, and it is told as stories-within-stories style.

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Length: two weeks. I've divided the reading into four parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), and then Part C - Part D (another week of reading).

Reading A
Book 1: Dissension Among Allies
1. The Monkey That Pulled the Wedge
2. The Jackal That Tried to Eat a Drum
3. The Adventures of an Ascetic
3.1 The Ascetic and the Rogue
3.1.1 The Battling Rams
3.2 A Weaver Cuts the Nose of a Bawd
4. How the Crows Killed the Snake
4.1 The Crab Cuts Off the Heron's Head
5. The Hare That Outwitted the Lion
6. The Louse and the Bug
Reading B
7. How the Lion's Servants Got the Camel Killed
8. How the Sandpiper Defeated the Ocean
8.1 The Turtle and the Geese
8.2 The Fate of the Three Fish
9. The Bird That Tried to Advise a Monkey
10. Two Friends and Betrayed Trust
10.1 How the Mongooses Ate the Heron's Chicks
11. The Iron-Eating Mice

Reading C
Book 2: Securing Allies
1. The Ascetic and the Mouse
1.1 The Woman Who Traded Sesame for Sesame
1.1.1 The Greedy Jackal and the Bowstring
2. How Citranga Got Caught in a Trap
Book 3: War and Peace
1. The Ass in a Leopard's Skin
2. The Owl is Elected King of Birds
2.1 The Hare Bluffs the Elephant
2.2 Partridge, Hare, and Cat
Reading D
3. How the Rogues Tricked the Brahmin
4. The Old Merchant and His Young Wife
5. The Thief, the Ogre, and the Brahmin
6. How the Unfaithful Wife Tricked Her Foolish Husband
7. The Mouse That Turned into a Girl
8. Frogs Go for a Ride on the Back of a Snake
Book 4: Losing What You Have Gained
1. The Ass without Ears or Heart
Book 5: Hasty Action
1. Building Castles in the Air
2. The Barber Who Killed the Monks

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