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Overview: Narayanan. The Pradyumna Series

Comments: This is a pair of novels: Pradyumna: Son of Krishna comes first, and then The Secret of God's Son. You can read just the first one, or you can read them both together — they are both available as Kindle books, and they are both full of exciting mythology. For a quick idea about Pradyumna's life and adventures, check out the Wikipedia page. You can read an interview with the author here: Usha Narayanan – Author of ‘Pradyumna: Son of Krishna.’

Title: Pradyumna: Son of Krishna
Author: Usha Narayanan
Year: 2015

Title: The Secret of God's Son
Author: Usha Narayanan
Year: 2016

Length: 6 weeks. I've divided the reading into twelve parts. The first book goes for three and a half weeks (Parts A-B, C-D, E-F, and Part G), and the second book goes for two and a half weeks (Part H, Parts I-J, and Parts K-L). You can also just read the first book; it can stand on its own, although the sequel is a great way to keep learning more about Pradyumna and his adventures.

Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle of Pradyumna from Amazon for $14 and the Kindle of Secret of God's Son is $14 (checked prices November 2017); more about Kindles.


Week 1. Reading Part A:
1 The Peacock Boat
2 Trapped
3 City of the Blue God
4 Danger
5 The Fiery Eye
6 Sons of God
7 Tortured

Week 1. Reading Part B:
8 The Destroyer
9 Disowned
10 The Lost Child
11 Secrets Revealed
12 The Kalahapriya
13 The Other Son

Week 2. Reading Part C:
14 The Seduction
15 The Demon Horde
16 The Revenge
17 Adi Shakti
18 Arjuna of the Thousand Hands
19 The Axe of Dharma
20 Sambaditya

Week 2. Reading Part D:
21 Asura Samhaara
22 The Homecoming
23 Samba in Chains
24 Vir Pradyumna
25 The Parijata

Week 3. Reading Part E:
26 Nandi to the Rescue
27 A Wedding and a Funeral
28 The Flying City
29 The Rage of God
30 The Princess of Sonitapura
31 Through the Flames

Week 3. Reading Part F:
32 Shiva Confronts Vishnu
33 The Chakra and the Demon
34 The Enemy Within
35 Kama Shastra
36 Kurus or Pandavas?
37 Suchimukhi

Week 4. Reading Part G:
38 Prince in Hiding
39 The Lake of Snakes
40 The Snare
41 A Vile Killing
42 Torment
43 Cursed


Week 4. Reading Part H: Reading Guide
1. Beyond the Curse
2. A Simmering Volcano
3. Sporting with Death
4. Besieged
5. Shiva’s Trident
6. Yamaloka
7. Crossing Swords

Week 5. Reading Part I: Reading Guide
8. Brothers or Foes?
9. Thwarted
10. Return to Dwaraka
11. The Whirlpool
12. A Playmate for Ganesha
13. A Dance with God
14. When the Dead Rose

Week 5. Reading Part J:
15. New Hope
16. The Sons Unite
17. Cursed Again
18. Shiva Becomes a Gopi
19. The Deadly Reeds
20. Sacrilege
21. The Scarlet Foot
22. Vaikunta
23. A Ghastly Death 

Week 6. Reading Part K:
24. Kali’s Wife
25. A Demon and a God
26. The One-Eyed Bird
27. Danger Stalks Vajra
28. Arise, Shakti!
29. Retribution
30. Brothers in Arms
31. Kurukshetra Again
32. Fire and Fear 

Week 6. Reading Part L:
33. Devastated
34. ‘I Will Die for You’
35. The Hidden Eye
36. Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarshana!
37. Humans and Gods

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