Friday, December 30, 2016

Overview: Prasad. Bhagavad Gita.

Title: The Bhagavad Gita
Translator: Ramanand Prasad
Year: 1988

Comments: You can learn more about the translator, Ramanand Prasad, on his page at the International Gita Society.

Free Online. This translation is freely available at the Exploring Ancient World Cultures website (sometimes that site has loading problems; if that link is not working, try this one).

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B.

Chapter 1: Arjuna's Dilemma
Chapter 2: Transcendental Knowledge
Chapter 3: Path of Karma Yoga
Chapter 4: Path of Renunciation with Knowledge
Chapter 5: Path of Renunciation
Chapter 6: Path of Meditation
Chapter 7: Self-Knowledge and Self-Realisation
Chapter 8: Imperishable Brahman
Chapter 9: Supreme Knowledge and the Big Mystery

Chapter 10: Manifestation of the Absolute
Chapter 11: Vision of the Cosmic Form
Chapter 12: Path of Devotion
Chapter 13: Creation and the Creator
Chapter 14: Three Gunas of Nature
Chapter 15:Supreme Spirit
Chapter 16: Divine and Demonic Qualities
Chapter 17: Threefold Faith
Chapter 18: Nirvana through Renunciation

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