Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overview. Speyer. Arya Sura's Gatakamala

Title: The Gatakamala, or Garland of Birth Stories
Author: Aryasura
Translator: J. S. Speyer
Year: 1895

Comments: This is a collection of 34 jataka stories that were rendered into Sanskrit (from Pali) by Arya Sura, perhaps around the first century C.E. You can find out more about the Jataka tradition here: Jataka Tales.

Free Online: See all the links at Freebookapalooza. The links below are to the Internet Archive presentation of the book.

Length: four weeks. I've divided the reading into eight parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), Part C - Part D (another week of reading), Part E - Part F (a third week), and Part G - Part H (final week of reading). You do not need to read this in order, and you can use it just for a half-week of reading or one or two or three or four weeks of reading; it's up to you based on what part(s) you are most interested in.

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