Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overview: Besant. The Great War

Title: The Story of the Great War: Some Lessons from the Mahabharata
Author: Annie Besant
Year: 1899

Comments: Annie Besant was one of the leading figures in the Thesophical movement, and also a strong supporter of both Indian and Irish independence. You can read more about the author here: Annie Besant.

Free Online: See all the links at Freebookapalooza. The links below are to the Hathi Trust presentation of the book.

Length: three weeks. I've divided the reading into six parts: A - B (one week of reading), C - D (another week of reading), and E - F (three weeks of reading).

Reading A
Chapter II. The Youth of the Heroes. p. 23
Chapter III. Perils and Triumphs of the Pandavas. p. 49

Reading B
Chapter IV. The Gathering of the Storm Clouds. p. 69

Reading C
Chapter V. The Thirteen Years' Exile. p. 101

Reading D
Chapter VI. Peace or War? p. 142

Reading E
Chapter VII. The Sin of Yudhisthira. p. 179

Reading F
Chapter VIII. The Great Exhortation. p. 215
Chapter IX. The Closing Scenes. p. 246

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