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Overview: Chopra. Ramayan 3392 AD Vol. 1.

Author: Deepak Chopra and Shamik Dasgupta
Artist: Abhishek Singh et al.
Title: Ramayan 3392 AD Vol. 1: Mahavinaash Age
Year: 2007

Comments. This is a retelling of the Ramayana set in a dystopian future, 3392 A.D. There is also a second volume which continues the adventure!

Bizzell Reserves. Go to the Bizzell Reserve Desk to check out this book. Call number: PN 6790 .I44 R36 2007

Length: two weeks. I've divided the reading into four parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), and then Part C - Part D (another week of reading). I typed out the first words at the top of each page so that you can find your way in the book; the edition I own does not have page numbers, and I assume that is true of the edition in the Library.

Reading A

Ramayan 3392
Ramayan 3392 AD is a re-imagining
As birds are made to fly
map of Aryavarta
My name is Vishvamitra
Armagarh, the splendor of human excellence
But where there is light
Three weeks ago
The southern outpost
Do you think you are up to it
...and Rama
It's time
That's the way of kshatriya
O! Maa!
Well, it's just you and me
The Raj Mahal
Pardon your old father
Here lies Khundgiri
Kaikeyi, I have always treated
Vimantal: the airfield of Armagarh
By the way, have you examined
Your talent for annoying people
Half-naked children
Though it is named Fort Janasthan
Some self-important chieftan
Early next morning
How many are there?
Lakshman, brother
Right you are
Lord, they have two ladders
The Janasthanis are putting up more fight
How is the garrison holding?
It's been an hour
We've been breached
Grab on to my hand!
All men at arms
That's for my son
Ghh, vile rakshasa
Lord, their forces
It's a blood-letting
And now - status?
We'll surrender the form
What?! And let the human scum
It's okay, Laksh
Let's not overlook
The Mandir atrium of gods
Rama, son of Dasharath,
Farewell, Rama
Reading B
The desert of Jara
Aren't you Kirats tired of this?
Whaaasmatter? Mum calling?
The mask - rip it off!
Make peace with your gods
Lucky would have been
You don't see the irony
You've earned the gratitude
Ah, a night of restful peace
The great river Angarp
Someone give me a hand
The raft
Good lord, it's a wonder
After you left
Father... he is no more
The mystery of mysteries
An age of final apocalypse
Stop it for god's sake
Who needs him anyway?
For I do not believe
Yes, within the ashes of destruction
Tread quietly
It exists no longer
Hold it, you buffoons
Your friend reeks of fish
Who's there?
A year ago
But we are beasts
Many condolences
At last we have found it!
It happens today
Not even a night's rest
Follow me
It is beautiful

Reading C
Can I wear it in my hair?
To come unto flames
I still remember
You shall pay for that
Subahu was my favorite son
Curse you all
What's the big deal
She is the key
The presence of another human kingdom
50 years ago
Seeta is the daughter
They brought destruction
Rama, there's no more time
Far away in Lanka
And now you beg for compensation?
Mithila has been uncovered
It's magic?
I've been looking for you
The coordinates are exact
The time has come
Give up!
Only prize
I'm stuck!
You did this to me
Your act was noble indeed
The fall of Mithila
It's an armor
Your being was blessed
Unsettling, isn't it
Armagarh: secrets from the underground
While Rama and Lakshman fight
Gods and mortals
First cadre royal commandos
Beep ... beep ...
and speaking of comeuppance
uh-oh, looks like we're not yet there
not possible
what you are seeing
This isn't possible.
herein lies the story of creation
with gradual progression
the great global war
the final battle
weapons and devices
weapons of ultimate devastation
but the great destruction
and our planet would never be the same
Reading D
the face of the world
through ages
through his yantra technology
I fear that the asuras
Bharat lives
The ascension
The mines of Khundgiri
More than a year had passed
And it wasn't just his vajra
Bharat's infatuation
For long I watched
Somewhere deep underneath Khundgiri
Open the door
A wonderful evening
And so you have come
Cover her flank
It's time to get some closure
Councilor Kalnemi
Greetings, Kaikeyi
Don't you dare accuse me
It feels good
Fun is fun
Ah, I remember
If we hurry
There goes the last one
Yes, exiled
Begin the process
The Ascension Part Two
Among all the asura races
Save me
Report immediately
Damn it
Feels good
Father, our battery circuits
Oh God... Oh God...
Here comes your savior
It's time
The new maharaj
Meanwhile, near the Shaktikundali
Ah! There it is
Back at the Rajmahal
This situation is getting out of hand
Meanwhile, beneath the Shakti Kundali
You bastard
Just as I thought
I guess not
I destroyed everyone
Keep them alive

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