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Overview: Dasgupta. Ramayan 3392 AD Vol. 2.

Author: Shamik Dasgupta
Artist: Jeevan Kang
Title: Ramayan 3392 AD Vol. 2: Reloaded / Tome of the Wastelands
Year: 2008

Comment. This is a continuation of the "science fiction future" version of the Ramayana, so make sure you have read Volume 1 first in order to know how this world works and who all the characters are.

Bizzell Reserves. Go to the Bizzell Reserve Desk to check out this book. Call number: PN 6790 .I44 R36 2007. Note that both volumes have the same call number.

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B.

Reading A
Rama is my hero
map of Aryavarta
My name is Vishvamitra
the four sons of Dasharatha
Our father loved Rama best
Janasthan found itself under attack
Rama values life more than anything
And now he lies dying
For days she has been completely silent
What your brothers asks of me
Lanka, capital city of Nark
I see that you are troubled
I feel nothing
All the lords of your vast continent
I know you hate to come here
I bring news of victory
A belated retirement
It didn't work
I'm just so thirsty
Prepare them.
I will try.
This is a bounty from heaven.
Try it.
Humans from Armagarth
Do you have even the slightest idea
Looks like we have some unwanted company
Patience, boys
Hey! That's enough
Stop squirming.
so I can shoot straight
I owe your father a very big thank you
Human scum!
I'm glad you saved his sorry, hairy hide
My troop and I never miss an opportunity
There at the foot of the Chitrakut range
Every week the spectacle of the duel
But bear in mind
Ten mudras for each
Aged mother!
Greetings, good sir.
Old mother
No one brings trouble
Out of my way
Fifteen mudras
Vish! We thought you were dead
Laksh on the run
It was a fight
I am one of the oldest beings
I didn't die
Hardly a scratch on me

Reading B
No such luck
But how do you know
You bring good news
Curse him!
The last two days
Rama? It feels so strange
That did it!
There you are.
...should be careful
We were almost becoming like a family
Without Rama
Where am I?
Where are my friends?
Wake up
Shut up
Try to make sure
Out of the frying pan
Ladies and gentlemen
In this contest for survival
too ugly for that
now take the rest
Enough, Laksh!
People of Panchvati
In the palace of Dushan
This accursed place
Where'd she go?
You did well
Where is Seeta?
The next day
Fused together
What have they done
Kill please
This has to end
Before the blood cools
My arm is broken
I remember a general
As a slave
We shall sing of this day
This is pointless
Khara, we need to talk
You have got a lot of nerve
It's not over yet
An impressive victory
Do you want this to continue?
What have I done?
After you fled Mithila
A few days later

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