Monday, January 29, 2018

Featured Author: Nina Paley

When people will be choosing a new version of the Ramayana to read (or watch!) in Week 5, I hope a lot of people will want to choose Nina Paley's full-length animated film, Sita Sings the Blues. I've written a Reading Guide for the film, and you can watch it at YouTube:

You can find out more about the remarkable Nina Paley at her blog, where she is documenting her next work in progress: Seder Masochism. Here is one of the videos she recently released of the animation she is doing for that film: The Golden Calf.

Not only is Nina an incredibly talented and innovative artist, she is also one of the most visible and persuasive defenders of the public domain and an activist against copyright restrictions; you can learn more about this movement at For more insight into Nina's thoughts on free culture and her own creative process (her VERY creative process), you can listen to this delightful talk: Sita Sings the Blues: The Ramayana and "Free Culture."

And here are a couple of Nina's wonderful Mimi and Eunice cartoons, now being translated into so many languages because she has released them with a CC license:

Without copyright law, art would not exist! Without patent law, inventions would not exist! Without real estate law, land would not exist. Without marriage law, love would not exist.

They're totally different!

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