Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overview: Mahabharata in Three Volumes

Title: Mahabharata
Author: an Amar Chitra Katha publication

Comments: Below you will find a section-by-section table of contents for Amar Chitra Katha's Mahabharata, a wonderful three-volume collection of 42 Amar Chitra Katha comics bound into book form.

Bizzell: We have a copy you can check out in Bizzell: PN 6790 .I443 A4374 1998. Click on the call number to confirm that the book is on the shelves so that you can go by and get it. You might want to bring an extra tote bag to carry it in: each volume is BIG.

Length: Each comic book issue is one-half of a week of reading... so, since you have 42 comic book issues here, that means it is good for as much as 21 weeks of reading. Which is to say: it's more than you would ever read for this class. But what you can do is pick out the issues with characters/events that you like the best, using the titles below to find the issues you want to read!

Here is an index of the comic books, volume by volume:


Mahabharata 1: Veda Vyasa
Mahabharata 2: Bheeshma's Vow
Mahabharata 3: The Advent of the Kuru Princes
Mahabharata 4: The Pandavas at Hastinapura
Mahabharata 5: Enter Drona
Mahabharata 6: Enter Karna
Mahabharata 7: The Conspiracy
Mahabharata 8: The Escape
Mahabharata 9: The Birth of Ghatotkacha
Mahabharata 10: The Pandavas at Ekachakra
Mahabharata 11: Enter Draupadi
Mahabharata 12: Draupadi's Swayamvara
Mahabharata 13: The Pandavas Recalled to Hastinapura
Mahabharata 14: Arjuna's 12-Year-Long Exile


Mahabharata 15: A Hall of Yudhishthira
Mahabharata 16: The Pandavas Conquer the World
Mahabharata 17: Yudhishthira's Rajsooya Yajna
Mahabharata 18: Indraprastha Lost
Mahabharata 19: The Pandavas in the Forest
Mahabharata 20: Arjuna's Quest for Weapons
Mahabharata 21: Arjuna in Indraloka
Mahabharata 22: The Reunion
Mahabharata 23: Duryodhana Humbled
Mahabharata 24: The Twelfth Year
Mahabharata 25: The Pandavas at Virata's Place
Mahabharata 26: Panic in the Kaurava Camp
Mahabharata 27: Sanjaya's Mission
Mahabharata 28: Duryodhana Refuses to Yield


Mahabharata 29: Krishna's Peace Mission
Mahabharata 30: The War Begins
Mahabharata 31: Bheeshma in Command
Mahabharata 32: The Fall of Bheeshma
Mahabharata 33: Drona's Vow
Mahabharata 34: The Slaying of Abhimanyu
Mahabharata 35: Arjuna Fulfils His Vow
Mahabharata 36: The Battle at Midnight
Mahabharata 37: Karna in Command
Mahabharata 38: The Kurus Routed
Mahabharata 39: After the War
Mahabharata 40: Yudhishthira's Coronation
Mahabharata 41: The Ashwamedha Yajna
Mahabharata 42: The Celestial Reunion

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