Friday, September 7, 2018

British Library's Ramayana Miniatures

William Dalrymple is one of the best writers on India today, and here is an essay he has written on Indian art:

All Indian life is hereThe British Library's Ramayana miniatures - masterpieces of Hindu art, many painted by Muslims - are testimony to a time when religious relations on the subcontinent were less fraught.

In particular, he discusses the Mewar Ramayana: "The Mewar Ramayana - a seven-volume work that was produced by at least three different scriptoria and once included more than 400 paintings - is arguably the masterpiece of Rajasthani painting, and is certainly one of the supreme monuments of 17th-century Indian art.

And here is the illustration from the Mewar Ramayana that accompanies the essay: Awakening Kumbhakarna.

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