Friday, August 4, 2017

Project Idea: Rama

Everyone sees Rama in their own way, and doing a Rama-based project is a chance for you to develop your own vision of Rama.

Research Tip: Start with the Wikipedia article about Rama, and you might also enjoy these related articles: Rama Navami, Ramlila, and Rama's Bridge. You will find Ramayana comic books on Reserve in Bizzell, plus two graphic novels: Ram Charit Manas and Ramayan 3392 AD. There are some books fro check-out in Bizzell like Pattanaik's Book of Ram, Menon's Ramayana, and Breaking the Bow: Speculative Fiction Inspired by the Ramayana, and there are free books online too: Shri Rama Chandra, Krishna Dharma's Ramayana, and The Iliad of the East: The Ramayana.

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