Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sarva Mangalam

The "Mangalam" chant is about the blessedness of the whole world:

Bhumi mangalam / Udaka mangalam / Agni mangalam / Vayu mangalam / Gagana mangalam / Surya mangalam / Chandra mangalam / Jagat Mangalam / Jiva mangalam / Deha mangalam / Mano mangalam / Atma mangalam / Sarva mangalam bhavatu bhavatu bhavatu.

Blessed (mangalam) is the earth (bhumi), water (udaka), fire (agni), wind (vayu), sky (gagana), sun (surya), the moon (chandra), our planet (jagat), life (jiva), the body (deha), the mind (mano), the spirit (atma)  - everything (sarva) is blessed, let it be (bhavatu).

Here is a recording by Prem Joshua:

And here is one by Ravi Shankar:

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