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Overview: Krishna Dharma. The Panchatantra

Title: The Panchatantra
Author: Krishna Dharma
Year: 2010

Comments: This is a translation of the ancient story collection known as the Panchatantra by the same Krishna Dharma who has also done translations of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata; you can find out more about Krishna Dharma here.

Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle copy from Amazon for $2.99 (checked price November 2017); more about Kindles.

Length: three weeks. I've divided the reading into six parts: A-B (first week), C-D (second week), and E-F (third week).

Part A
Book One: How Friends are Separated. 
Crafty and Careful
The Heedless Monkey
The Intrusive Ass
The Jackal and the Drum
Fine-taste and the Sweeper
The Foolish Brahmin, the Jackal and the Rams
The Weaver’s Cheating Wife.
The Crow and the Serpent
The Heron and the Crab

Part B
The Lion and the Quick-witted Hare
The Weaver and the Princess
The Mosquito and the Bug
The Blue Jackal
The Camel’s Fatal Friendship
The Lion and the Carpenter
The Ocean and the Sparrow
The Talkative Turtle
The Sparrow’s Revenge
The Parrot’s Unwanted Advice
 Right-mind and Dark-mind

Part C
The Shortsighted Heron
The Merchant’s Balance
The Two Parrots
The Noble Robber
The Monkey and the King
Book Two. How Friends are Won 
The Crow and his Companions.
The Mole’s Misfortunes
Sandili and the Seeds
The Carpenter’s Destiny
Virile and the Jackal
The Elephants Saved by Mice
The Deer and the Prince

Part D
Book Three. Crows and Owls 
The ‘Donkey Leopard’
The Birds Elect a King
The Hare and the Elephant-King
The Cat’s Judgement
The Brahmin and his Goat
The Serpent’s Gold
The Hunter and the Dove
The Old Man and the Thief
The Brahmin, the Demon and the Robber
King Sivi and the Pigeon
The Carpenter’s Unfaithful Wife

Part E
The Mouse Maiden’s Marriage
The Bird that Dropped Golden Turds
The Cave that Roared
The Frogs that Rode on a Snake
The Brahmin’s Unfaithful Wife
Book Four. Loss of Gains 
The Monkey who Befriended a Crocodile
The Foolish Frog King
The Lion and the Brainless Ass
The ‘Hero’ Potter
The Jackal who was Raised by a Lioness
The Ungrateful Wife
A Tale of Two Husbands
The Farmer’s Shameless Wife
The Thief and the Farmer’s Wife
The Diplomatic Jackal
The Dog who Traveled Abroad

Part F
Book Five. Rash Acts. 
The Barber who murdered the Monks
The Brahmin’s Wife and the Mongoose
Castles in the Sky
The Greedy Treasure Hunter
The Scholars who Revived a Lion
The Four Learned Idiots
The Singing Donkey
The Slow Witted Weaver
The Monkey’s Revenge
The Gullible Demon
The Three-Breasted Princess
The Inquisitive Brahmin

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