Sunday, November 5, 2017

Overview: Pattanaik. Culture

Title: Culture: 50 Insights from Mythology
Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
Year: 2017

Comments: This is a collection of Devdutt Pattanaik's essays published in various newspapers and magazines over the years, with illustrations by the author.

Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle copy from Amazon for $9.49 (checked price November 2017); more about Kindles.

Length: three weeks. I've divided the reading into 6 parts: A-B (first week), C-D (second week), and E-F (third week).

Part A
1 Everybody tells a story
2 Gender bias in temples
3 Caste again
4 Cultural roots of evil
5 Look left and right
6 Frames of reference
7 Changing patterns

Part B
8 Baby on the banyan leaf
9 Botox for the waning moon
10 Timeless wisdom of the horse
11 Immersion time
12 Krishna’s best friend
13 River of rebirth
14 Seeing the invisible
15 The song of the crow

Part C
16 Changing rituals
17 Aspiration Nautanki
18 Dharma-sankat in family business
19 Mara, D. K. Bose
20 Babbling in India
21 Not sparing the Gita
22 Outsourcing the storytelling grandmom

Part D

23 Peace with three worlds
24 Rules do not make Rama
25 The offering of hair
26 Mahabharata inside the house
27 This was Ravana too
28 Becoming a leader
29 Lessons from the ghost
30 Last hymn of the Rig Veda
31 Science and the rishi

Part E

32 The other wives
33 The strange tale of Oghavati
34 If you love me…
35 How we read mythology
36 What’s your sanskar?
37 Search for Rama’s ring
38 In justice we trust
39 When a dog wept in Ayodhya
40 Time, timelessness and the idea of charity

Part F

41 The good death
42 Violence and the Gita
43 Forest and field in dharma discussion
44 The complete man
45 Epics as novels
46 The girl who chose
47 Travelling from thought to thought
48 Money maya
49 Single fathers
50 Accommodating the queer

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