Sunday, December 17, 2017

Revelations: Celebrating LGBTQ Stories Through Bharathanatyam

Here is another wonderful video from the IndianRaga YouTube Channel: Revelations: Celebrating LGBTQ Stories Through Bharathanatyam. You can find out more about the Bharathanatyam dance tradition at Wikipedia.

Here is a summary of the story of the dance as told in words:
In honor of International Transgender Day of Visibility (March 31), IndianRaga is proud to present this piece by 2016 Dance Fellow Aarthy Sundar that takes a glimpse into the life of a transgender woman who reflects on her past. She remembers a time when she was rejected, not only by society and her own family, but also by herself, as she was unable to even glance at her own reflection in the mirror.  After transitioning, going through both a physical and an emotional change, she is finally able cast away the shroud, and be happy with the reflection she sees in the mirror. 

Here is an interview with the dancer, Aarthy Sundar, who is from Plano, Texas:

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