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Reading Guide: Mackenzie. Nala and Damayanti.

(illustration from the book by Warwick Goble)

Title: Indian Myth and Legend
Author: Donald A. Mackenzie
Illustrator: Warwick Goble
Year: 1913

Comments: The story of Nala and Damayanti is one of the great love stories in the Indian tradition. It is a "story within a story" told inside the Mahabharata, meant to comfort Draupadi while she is living in exile with her husbands. Just as in Draupadi's life, Damayanti's life is thrown into turmoil by her husband's gambling.

Free Online: See all the links at Freebookapalooza. The links below are to the Sacred Texts presentation of the story.

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B.

link to PAGE 1
A Noble Prince and Fair Princess
Swan Messengers of Love
A Royal Romance
The Love-sick Maiden
Indra and the Rishis
The Swayamvara
Gods Descend from Heaven
Nala's Mission
Interview with Damayanti
A Faithful Lover
Gathering of Rajahs
Gods Rejected by Damayanti
The Choice of Nala
Wedding Gifts of the Gods
The Royal Marriage
Kali the Demon
Plot to Ruin Nala
link to PAGE 2
Nala Possessed by a Demon
A Brother's Challenge
The Game of Dice
The Rajah's Stakes
Alarm of Citizens
Damayanti's Grief
Flight of Children
A Kingdom Gambled Away
The Exiled King
His Faithful Wife
Departure to the Forest
Damayanti Deserted
Seized by a Serpent
Rescued by a Huntsman
A Terrible Curse
Forest Perils
Appeal to a Tiger
The Holy Mountain
Prophecy of Hermits
Address to the Ashoka Tree
The Caravan
Disasters of a Night
Damayanti's Flight to Chedi

link to PAGE 1
Nala's Wanderings
The Magic Fire
King of Serpents Rescued
Nala Transformed
His Service as a Charioteer
Life in Ayodhya
The Evening Song of Sorrow
Search for Damayanti
How She was Discovered
Her Departure from Chedi
Search for Nala
A Woman's Faith
Journey to the Swayamvara
The Tree Wonder
Demon Leaves Nala's Body
The Coming of the Chariot
Damayanti's Vow
link to PAGE 2
Damayanti's Suspicions
Maid Interviews the Charioteer
The Message Repeated
A Husband's Emotion
Wonders Performed by Nala
Wife's Final Test
Children Visit their Father
Interview in the Palace
Na]a Reproaches Damayanti
Her Confession and Vindication
Message from the Gods
Husband and Wife Reunited
Nala Returns to Nishadha
The Second Gambling Match
Nala Wins back his Kingdom
Erring Brother Forgiven
King and Queen Once More

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