Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overview: Mackenzie: Ramayana

(illustration from the book by Warwick Goble)

Title: Indian Myth and Legend
Author: Donald A. Mackenzie
Illustrator: Warwick Goble
Year: 1913

Comments: This book is a retelling of the Ramayana that you can read in one week. I relied so heavily on this version of the Mahabharata in the Public Domain Edition, so I have not made it a reading option here. For the Ramayana option, I would recommend doing that only if you did not read the Public Domain Edition of the Ramayana; if you read Narayan instead, then reading this version of the Ramayana is a good option!

Free Online: See all the links at Freebookapalooza; the links below are to the Sacred Texts presentation of the book.

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B.


How Sita Was Won
The Poet of the Ramayana
Brahma's Command
Two Great Kingdoms
A Childless Maharajah
Horse Sacrifice to Obtain Offspring
The Demon King of Ceylon
Gods Appeal to Vishnu for Help
Birth of Rama and his Brethren
Stories of Childhood
Vishwamitra takes away Rama and Lakshmana
Forest Battles with Rakshasas
Breaking of Shiva's Bow
Sita is Won
Choice of an Heir
Rama is Favoured
The Hunchback's Plot
Fulfilment of an Old Vow
Prince Bharata Chosen and Rama Banished
A Faithful Wife and Loyal Brother.

The Rape of Sita
The Maharajah's Doom
Tale of the Hermit's Son
A Curse Fulfilled
Death of Dasaratha
Bharata Refuses the Throne
Visit to Rama in Exile
Loyalty to a Dead Sire
Javala the Sceptic
Bharata Honours Rama's Sandals


The Rape of Sita, cont.
Wanderings of the Exiles
A Love-stricken Rakshasa
Jesting ends in Bloodshed
A War of Vengeance
Rama's Great Victory
Ravana's Cunning Plot
The Magic Deer
Rama and Lakshmana Lured from Hermitage
Sita Taken Captive.

Rama's Mission Fulfilled
Rama Laments for Sita
The King of Vultures
Story of the Demon
Revelation after Death
Rama forms an Alliance with the Apes
Slaying of Bali
The Rainy Season
Sita's Life in Lanka
Hanuman the Spy
Discovery of Sita
Battle with Giants
Building of Rama's Bridge
The Worship of Shiva
Invasion of Lanka
The War with Demons
A Serpent Noose
How the Sleeping Giant was Slain
Rama and Lakshmana Wounded
Hanuman carries a Mountain to Lanka
Lakshmana Slain and Restored to Life
Ravana seeks to kill Sita
The Fall of Ravana
Sita's Ordeal of Fire
Rama's Return to Ayodhya
Second Exile of Sita
The Horse Sacrifice
Rama's Warlike Sons
Sita Returns to the Earth Mother
Ascent of Rama.

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