Thursday, August 18, 2016

Reading Guide: Nivedita. Ramayana.

(illustration from the book)

Title: Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists: Ramayana
Author: Sister Nivedita
Year: 1914

Comments: This is a nice one-week version of the Ramayana by Sister Nivedita, with illustrations by artists under the direction of Abanindro Nath Tagore; you can see one of those illustrations above.

Free Online: See all the links at Freebookapalooza. The links below are to the Internet Archive version of the book.

Bizzell Stacks. The book is also available for checkout from Bizzell: 294 N66h (click the link to check availability).

Length: one week. I've divided the reading into two parts: Part A - Part B.

Reading Part A
Horse Sacrifice
Vishnu as Rama
Rama and the Daughter of Janaka
Rama as Heir-Apparent
Scheming of Kaikeyi
Dasharatha's Dilemma
Rama's Exile
Lakshmana and Rama
Rama, Sita and Lakshmana Depart
Dasharatha's Death
Forest Life
Ravana's Wrath
Golden Deer
Sita Stolen
Rama's Wrath
The Search
Sita in Lanka
Hanuman and Sita

Reading Part B
Hanuman's Return
The Bridge
Lanka Besieged
Rama Wounded
Heavy Fighting
Rakshasa Successes
The Herbs
Indrajit, Ravana's Son
Ravana's Fury
Ravana Slain
Sita Brought to Rama
Sita's Ordeal
Visions of the Gods
Rama's Return
Rama Installed
Rama Reigns
Hanuman Rewarded
Sita's Second Trial
Rama's Justice
Rama's Sons
Sita Taken Home
Last Days of Rama

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