Thursday, August 18, 2016

Overview: Arni. The Missing Queen.

Title: The Missing Queen.
Author: Samhita Arni
Year: 2014

Comments: This is an amazing retelling of the Ramayana set in Ayodhya during the reign of King Rama, but also set in modern times — you'll just have to read the book to see the ingenious way in which Samhita Arni has managed to do that! The heroine of the novel is a journalist who is determined to get an answer to a question nobody wants to hear: "Where is Sita?" For more about Samhita Arni, see this page: Samhita Arni.

Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle copy from Amazon for $5.99 (checked price March 2019); more about Kindles.

Length: two weeks. I've divided the reading into four parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), and then Part C - Part D (another week of reading).

Reading Part A: Chapters 1-7: pp. 1-45

Reading Part B: Chapters 8-14: pp. 46-99

Reading Part C: Chapters 15-22: pp. 100-139

Reading Part D: Chapters 23-end: pp. 140-179

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