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Old Guide


  • Buck - Ramayana. This prose adaptation of Valmiki's Ramayana provides reading for 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks. You can buy the printed book, or you can read it on Reserve in Bizzell.
  • Gould - Divine Archer. This is a 1-week prose version based on both Valmiki's Ramayana and the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsi Das. It's a free book online at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.
  • Narayan - Ramayana. This prose retelling of Kamban's Ramavataram provides reading for 2 weeks. It's available as a printed book or Kindle, and you can also read it on Reserve in Bizzell.
  • Paley - Sita Sings the Blues. This is a full-length animated film by Nina Paley which is "reading" for 1 week. It's free to watch online at YouTube.
  • Public Domain Edition: Ramayana. This Ramayana draws on many different public domain editions, with illustrations. It takes 2 weeks to read: PDE Ramayana.

RAMAYANA COMIC BOOKS: These comic books are on Reserve in Bizzell Library. You can choose two comic books as a week's reading, picking the titles that most interest you most: RamaThe Sons of RamaAncestors of RamaDasharathaHanumanHanuman to the RescueValiRavana HumbledThe Lord of LankaKuberaKumbhakarnaMahiravanaVishvamitra, and Heroes of Hampi.


FREE BOOKS: These are public domain and other books which are freely available online. Some of them are reading options for class, and you can also use them to explore the topics you are most interested in!

* Anon. Stories for Young Children from Hindu Sacred Books. 1907.
* E. Arnold. Indian Idylls of the Mahabharata. 1907 (poetry).
* E. Arnold. Indian Poetry: Gita Govinda. 1886 (poetry).
* E. Arnold. The Song Celestial; Or, Bhagavad-Gita. 1885 (poetry).


* E. Arnold. Hitopadesha: Book of Good Counsels. 1900.
* E. Babbitt. Jataka Tales and More Jataka Tales. 1912-1922.
* K. Bahadur. Mahanataka: A Dramatic History of King Rama. 1840 (drama).
* S. Belvalkar. Bhavabhuti's Uttara-Rama-Charita. 1915 (drama).
* A. Coomaraswamy. Vidyapati's Radha and Krishna. 1915 (poetry).
* E. B. Cowell. The Jataka Tales. 1895-1907.
* E. C. Cox. Tales of Ancient India. 1887.


* S. Devee. Nine Ideal Indian Women. 1919.
* S. Devi. Indian Fables and Folklore. 1919.
* M. Dutt. Gleanings from Indian Classics: Tales. 1893.
* M. Dutt. Gleanings from Indian Classics: Prophets. 1893.
* M. Dutt. The Ramayana. 1891 and following.
* M. Dutt. The Mahabharata. 1897 and following.


* R. Dutt. The Mahabharata, Epic of the Bharatas. 1898 (poetry).
* R. Dutt. The Ramayana, The Epic of Rama. 1899 (poetry).
* M. Dutton. Fables of Bidpai. 1908.
* H.T. Francis and E. J. Thomas. Jataka Tales. 1916.
* W. Gandy. The Pandav Princes. 1915.


* K. M. Ganguli. Vyasa's Mahabharata. 1883.
* F. Gould. The Divine Archer. 1911.
* R. T. H. Giffith. Valmiki's Ramayana. 1870 (poetry).
* R. T. H. Griffith. Scenes from the Ramayan. 1870 (poetry).
* R. T. H. Griffith. Specimens of Old Indian Poetry. 1852 (poetry).
* F. Growse. Ramayana of Tulsi Das. 1883.
* B. Hale-Wortham. Hitopadesha, or, The Book of Good Counsel. 1906.
* A. Herold. The Life of Buddha. 1922.


* G. Hodgson. Rama and the Monkeys. 1903.
* W. Hopkins. Legends of India. 1928 (poetry).
* N. Inayat. Twenty Jataka Tales. 1939.
* Kalidasa. Raghuvanca: The Story of Raghu's Line. 1902 (poetry).


* C. A. Kincaid. Indian Heroes. 1921.
* C. A. Kincaid. Tales from the Indian Epics. 1918.
* C. A. Kincaid. Shri Krishna of Dwarka and Other Stories. 1920.
* F. Richardson Macdonald. Iliad of the East: The Ramayana. 1870.


* J. M. Macfie. The Mahabharata, A Summary. 1921.
* D. Mackenzie. Indian Myth and Legend. 1913.
* W. D. Monro. Stories of Indian Gods and Heroes. 1911.
* D. N. Neogi. Sacred Tales of India. 1916.
* Sister Nivedita. Cradle Tales of Hinduism. 1907.
* Sister Nivedita. Myths of the Hindus and Buddhists. 1914.


* J. C. Oman. The Great Indian Epics. 1894.
* J. Pickford. Bhavabhuti's Maha-Vira-Charita. 1871 (drama).
* F. Pincott. Lallu Lal's Prema-sagara, or, Ocean of Love. 1897.
* R. Prasad. Bhagavad Gita. 1998.
* W. Ralston. Tibetan Tales from Indian Sources. 1906.
* W. Rouse. The Giant Crab. 1897.
* A. Ryder. Relatives. 1919 (poetry).
* A. Ryder. Kalidasa's Shakuntala and Other Works. 1912 (drama).


* E. Seeger. The Five Brothers. 1948.
* H. Shastri. The Triumph of Valmiki. 1909.
* M. Shedlock. Eastern Stories and Legends. 1920.
* J. S. Speyer. Aryasura's Gatakamala. 1895.
* R. Tagore. Chitra. 1913 (drama).
* R. Tagore. Fugitive. 1921 (drama).
* R. Tagore. Songs of Kabir. 1915 (poetry).
* R. Wilson. The Indian Story Book. 1914.


KINDLE BOOKS: If all goes well, these Kindle books will be available on Reserve in OU's Bizzell Library, as well as being available for purchase from Amazon.

* R. K. Narayan. The Ramayana. 1972.
* R. K. Narayan. The Mahabharata. 1978.


PRINTED BOOKS: These books are available for purchase in the OU Bookstore, and there are even cheaper used copies that you can buy from Amazon and other online booksellers. In addition, these four books are on Reserve in Bizzell Library.

* R. K. Narayan. The Ramayana. 1972.
* R. K. Narayan. The Mahabharata. 1978.
* W. Buck. The Ramayana. 1976.
* W. Buck. The Mahabharata. 1973.


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