Saturday, August 20, 2016

Overview: Jackson. Brahma Dreaming.

Title: Brahma Dreaming: Legends from Hindu Mythology.
Author: John Jackson
Year: 2013

Comment: This is a delightful collection of stories, with an audiobook available also in Bizzell.

Bizzell Reserves: Go to the Bizzell Reserve Desk to check out a Kindle with this book; you can learn about the Bizzell Kindles here. The Kindle also has an audiobook version you can listen to!

Bizzell Stacks. In addition, there is a copy available for checkout from the regular Bizzell stacks: BL 1216 .J33 2013 (click to see if it is checked out or not).

Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle copy from Amazon for $5.99 (checked price November 2017); more about Kindles.

Audible: You can buy an audiobook version of this book from Audible for $7.49 (checked price November 2017).

Length: two weeks. I've divided the reading into four parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), and then Part C - Part D (another week of reading).

Reading A
Tales of Creation:
The Beginning
The Curse
The Milk Ocean
The Lie
The Sons of King Sagara
The Fish
Reading B
Tales of Destruction:
Burning Love
How Uma Became Parvati

Reading C
Yama and the Love Girl
Chandra's Shame
Tales of Preservation:
The Blue Boy
Reading D 
The Loves of Queen Pritha
Rama and Sita
The City of Dwaraka
The Iron Rod
Little Gopala
The End

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