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Overview: Pattanaik. Jaya.

Title: Jaya: An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharata
Author: Devdutt Pattanaik
Year: 2010

Comment: Of the many different retellings of the Mahabharata that we have available for this class, this one is my favorite.

Bizzell Reserves: Go to the Bizzell Reserve Desk to check out a Kindle with this book; you can learn about the Bizzell Kindles here. The Kindle also has an audiobook version you can listen to!

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Kindle: You can buy your own Kindle copy from Amazon for $14 (checked price November 2017); more about Kindles.

Audiobook: You can buy your own Audible copy from Amazon for $4.95 (checked price November 2017).

Length: four weeks. I've divided the reading into eight parts: Part A - Part B (one week of reading), Part C - Part D (another week of reading), Part E - Part F (a third week), and Part G - Part H (final week of reading).

Reading A
What Ganesha Wrote
Structure of Vyasa's Epic
The Start of the Snake Sacrifice
Ancestors: Chandra's Sons
A Wife of Budh
Pururava's Obsession
Shakuntala's Innocence
Bharata's Heir
Yayati's Demand
Madhavi's Forgiveness
Parents: Mahabhisha Becomes Shantanu
Bhishma's Sacrifice
Daughter of a Fish
The Three Princesses
Birth of Vichitravirya's Childrens
Reading B
Birth: Satyavati's granddaughters-in-law
Birth of Kunti's Children
Birth of Gandhari's Children
Birth of Madri's Children
Death of Pandu
Education: Kripa and Kripi
Drona, The Teacher
Arjuna, The Greatest Archer
The Graduation Ceremony
Karna's Story
Castaway: Bhima and the Nagas
A House of Lac
Killing Baka
Hidimba and Hidimbi
A Gandharva Called Angaraparna

Reading C
Marriage: Children from Shiva
Draupadi's Swayamvara
The Common Wife
Friendship: Krishna Enters
The Cowherd of Gokul
Return to Mathura
Migration to Dwaraka
Division: Kuru Lands
Burning of Khandavaprastha
Sharing Draupadi
Ulupi and Chitrangada
Eloping with Subhadra
Beheading Gaya
Nara and Narayana
Coronation: Death of Jarasandha
Duryodhana Falls into a Pond
The Death of Shishupala
Reading D
Gambling: Shakuni's Plan
Gambling Match
Disrobing of Draupadi
The Last Game
Exile: Krishna Visits the Pandavas
Draupadi's Vessel
The Kauravas Gloat
The Story of Ram
Shiva Humbles Arjuna
Arjuna in Amravati
A Journey Full of Tales

Reading E
Tryst with the Rakshasas
Return of Arjuna
Daughters of Balarama and Duryodhana
Hanuman Humbles Bhima
Draupadi Admits a Secret
Savitri and Satyavan
Trapped by Nahusha
The Yaksha's Questions
Hiding: Nala and Damayanti
Servants in Virata's Court
Uttara's Bravery
Marriage of Uttari
Reading F
Gathering: Negotiations
A Fierce Mother and a Loyal Friend
Changing Sides
One or the Other Side
On Neither Side
The Gathering of Forces
Perspective: Song of God
War: Bloodbath
Sacrifice for Victory
A Woman on the Battlefield
Drona's Onslaught
Death of Abhimanyu

Reading G
Before Sunset
After Sunset
A Teacher Beheaded
A Fight Between Brothers
Wheel of Karna's Chariot
Death of Shalya
Fall of Ninety-Nine Kauravas
Below the Belt
Talking Head
Aftermath: Death of Draupadi's Children
Aswatthaman Cursed
Kunti's Secret
Rage of Elders
Gandhari's Curse
Reading H
Reconstruction: Yudhishthira's Coronation
Bed of Arrows
Death and Rebirth
Horse Sacrifice
Start of Kali Yuga
Renunciation: Elders Renounce the Kingdom
End of the Yadus
Death of Krishna
Fall of Dwaraka
Renunciation of the Pandavas
Kauravas in Swarga
Epilogue: Snake Sacrifice
The Ideal Called Dharma

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