Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Item. Bizzell Library Resources

Thanks to a generous grant from the OU Libraries, starting in Fall 2015 there will be some amazing resources for this class in Bizzell Library! I hope you will enjoy spending some time at the Library in order to make use of these materials, along with some other great Library services such as the new Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center in Lower Level One (video).

Computers: In addition to the desktop computers in the Reference area of the Library, there is a laptop checkout service. So, even if you do not bring a laptop with you, you can still use the online Reading Guides and write up your Reading Diary blog post(s) right there while you are working in the Library.


These Kindles are ready for you to use, and you will find these books for class on the Kindles. The Kindles are available at the Reserve desk and may be checked out for three hours at a time:


There are also some audiobooks available on the Kindles! The Kindles are available at the Reserve desk and may be checked out for three hours at a time.


You will also find the following printed books on Reserve in the Library. Unless otherwise indicated, these books are on three-day reserve. Most of these are also available online as well:

Bizzell only, three-hour reserve:
Available online AND at Bizzell, three-day reserve:


Amar Chitra Katha Comic Books. You will find Reading Guides for the comic books at their own blog. There are so many comic books to choose from! Here is one of the comic books at random:


Peter Brook's Mahabharata. This film is five hours long, divided into two parts; each part is one week's worth of "reading" for class. You can check this film out for up to three days at the Reserve desk; please return it as soon as you are done watching the part(s) you want to watch. The script by Jean-Claude Carriere is also available for 3-day check-out from the Reserve Desk.

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