Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Project Ideas Index

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Below is a list of the Project Idea posts with research tips and links, and these ideas are just a few out of the infinite possibilities! You are not constrained in any way by this list; in fact, one of the most exciting things that happens each semester is when people do projects that no one has ever done before.
  1. The Gods / Devas
  2. Devi: The Goddess
  3. Vahanas of the Gods
  4. Weapons of the Gods
  5. Divine Iconography
  6. Creation Stories
  7. Vishnu and Lakshmi
  8. Shiva Mahadeva
  9. Ganesha, The Elephant-Headed God 
  10. Indra, The Thunder God
  11. Surya, The Sun-God
  12. Ganga, The Goddess of the Ganges
  13. Kamadeva, The God of Love
  14. Avatars of the Gods
  15. The Avatars of Vishnu
  16. The Ramayana Told Your Way
  17. Dasharatha and his Family
  18. Women of the Ramayana
  19. Loving Couples of the Ramayana
  20. Sita
  21. Rama
  22. Rama and Sita
  23. Hanuman
  24. Ravana
  25. Supernatural Characters of the Ramayana
  26. Animal Characters of the Ramayana
  27. Geography of the Ramayana
  28. Krishna the Hero
  29. Epic Heroes
  30. Epic Battles
  31. Epic Brothers
  32. Women of the Epics
  33. Sages and Gurus
  34. Valmiki
  35. Vishvamitra
  36. The Chiranjivi (Immortals)
  37. Animals, Natural and Supernatural
  38. Horses
  39. Elephants
  40. Rakshasas
  41. Yakshas
  42. Apsaras
  43. Nagas and Naginis
  44. Birth Stories
  45. Death Stories
  46. Reincarnation
  47. Love Stories
  48. Nala and Damayanti
  49. Swayamvaras
  50. Karma
  51. Dharma
  52. Maya
  53. Yoga
  54. Traveling India
  55. Temples
  56. Food
  57. Music
  58. Festivals and Holidays
  59. Jataka Tales
Plus you can get project ideas just from looking at random books with Indian stories and random artwork... there are hundreds more project ideas just waiting for you to discover them. Press reload for more:

Browse all the images at the Epic Images Gallery:

Browse all the India books at the Freebookapalooza:

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